Promotional Video

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 7.25.33 PM.pngFor the final in my MCOM 207 class, I made a promotional video about myself. I recorded the audio in a studio at KVSC and used the software Adobe Audition. I did most filming on my iPhone 8 and some on an iPad. I also used some footage from past YouTube videos and pictures from online. I had fellow Mass Communication majors help with some filming. Sam Goetzinger and Brooks Imdieke, help with the footage taken at KVSC. Pierce Solseth, my neighbor at Shoemaker Hall, helped me with most of the other filming around campus. This project enhanced my skills with Adobe Premiere Pro exponentially. I learned how to add effects to titles, making the titles move, zoom in and zoom out. Also, add effects to pictures, for example the Ken
Burns effect. One thing I would add would be some transitions to the video clips, but I like how simple it is. I would’ve also like to have videos of more of my own to show more of me playing sports and more videos of my job. I also wish I could have added some animation for the title to make it nicer and showcase all of my editing skills, but Adobe After Effects would not update.